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Kentucky academy of eye physicians and surgeons


In 2009, the Kentucky Academy of Eye Physicians & Surgeons began sponsoring member awards.

The OPHTHALMOLOGIST OF THE YEAR award is granted to an ophthalmologist who has made outstanding contributions to the Academy and enhanced the profession of ophthalmology.

2009 David Jones, M.D.

2010 Charles Barr, M.D.

2011 Chip Richardson, M.D.

2012 Woodford Van Meter, M.D.

2013 Kenneth Weaver, M.D.

2014 Richard Eiferman, M.D.

2015 Frank Burns, M.D.

2019 Peter Blackburn, M.D.

2020 Lori Williams, M.D.

The HUMANITARIAN OPHTHALMOLOGIST OF THE YEAR award is reserved for the recognition of an ophthalmologist who has made significant contributions to the welfare of others throughout his or her lifetime and who supports the practice of ophthalmology.

2009 John Distler, M.D.

2010 Mark Henry, M.D.

2012 John Downing, M.D.

2013 William Wood, M.D.

2014 Jeff Johnson, M.D.

Charles C. Barr, M.D. Resident Award

2014 Mark Sherman, M.D. (University of Louisville), Clinton Ellingson, M.D. (University of Kentucky)

2019 Judith Mohay, M.D.

2020  Seema Capoor, M.D.

The PRESIDENT'S AWARD is awarded by the KAEPS President in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Academy.

2011 Lana Rifkin, M.D.

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